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Security is not just a singular implimintation but a combination of intelligently applied layers. Keep in mind that both the inside and outside of your home or business require a security plan. The more security layers, the more effective your protection will be.

What follows are some common sense countermeasures you can easily apply to reduce your chances of being victimized by crime.


Outside Perimeter Check List

Make sure all doors have double deadbolt locks.

Remember to lock ALL perimeter doors, not just your front door.

Never leave clues outside your door that tell people when you're not there.

Bar or pin bolt sliding doors and windows.

Keep convenient entry tools, ladders, etc. away from potential burglars.

Store lawn mowers, gas barbeques and other outside valuable appliances away from view.

Participate in a Neighborhood Watch. Share central station RP contact info with neighbors you trust.

Utilize ON at dusk, OFF at dawn perimeter lighting. Photocell-controlled units perfom best.

Display our WEST*ALERT alarm co. signs / decals. These provide a very real and effective psychological deterrant.

Inside Security Check List

Never provide information about you, your alarm, or your property to unknown telephone callers.

Avoid storing irreplaceable valuables, coin collections or large amounts of cash at home.

Leave a radio or TV playing and lights on when you are away.

Inscribe your valuables and record serial numbers for identification.

Vacation Security Check List

Notify a trusted neighbor of your travel plans and give them a key.

Leave window coverings in normal positions.

Stop delivery of any newspapers, flyers and have a neighbor retrieve your mail.

Have your yardwork kept up while you are away.

Use timers or automatic photocells (better) on interior and exterior lights.

Before you leave, check all doors and windows to be sure they are well-secured and your alarm is in fact "Armed."

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